jk but ill never let it go


that me


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Vampire Weekend * I Think Ur A Contra

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Vampire Weekend - Ladies of Cambridge

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Mansard Roof // Vampire Weekend

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Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma

I do (give a damn about the oxford comma) but I also really like this song :)

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Diplomat’s Son - Vampire Weekend

that night I smoked a joint with my best friend,
we found ourselves in bed,
when I woke up he was gone.


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Sweet carob rice cake, she don’t care how the sweets taste
Fake Philly cheese steak, but you use real toothpaste
‘Cause if that Tom’s don’t work, if it just makes you worse
Would you lose all of you faith in the Good Earth?

And if it’s all a curse and we’re just getting worse
Baby, please don’t lose your faith in the Good earth

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The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance - Vampire Weekend